The Most Prominent Beauty Trends On TikTok! Do they work?

The Most Prominent Beauty Trends On TikTok! Do they work? - FlixBash
The TikTok platform has become a window to display a lot of life matters, and a window for recipes, beauty and fashion tips that girls offer to each other, and perhaps some of them come to fruition, while others are only aimed at achieving wide fame, through millions of views.

Today, we will review some of the trends that girls have adopted on TikTok, and let's see if they really work or just fake advice.

1. Eyebrow Gel Soap

Eyebrow Gel Soap - beauty trends tiktok - flixbash
With the emergence of scattered eyebrows fashion, girls were confused to use a strong fixing gel, based on brushing the eyebrows in a modern way, with persistence for several hours, and from here the idea of   using soap spread, by dipping the eyebrow brush with soap, then brushing it to get this modern look.

In this matter, the experts explained that applying soap on the face is not correct, while using a transparent and dense eyebrow gel will give the girl a sense of stability.

2. Curly Hair Without Heat

Curly Hair Without Heat - beauty trends tiktok  - flixbash
Several videos have spread to many girls relying on curling hair without heat, by wrapping the hair, on a usually lined piece of cloth, similar to a pillow, and leaving it on wet hair for a whole night, until it dries the next day, and then it is untied from the hair.

This trick is one of the useful tips, in order to protect against the damage of the heat of the blow dryer and the iron, but at the same time, it does not seem that easy, as getting those waves without heat requires healthy and shiny hair, and it will not work with very dry hair.

3. Roll The Hair On The Iron

Roll The Hair On The Iron - Beauty Trends tiktok - flixbash
Despite the spread of the idea of   hair waves without heat, the obsession with curly or wavy hair this season seems clear by girls, prompting some to use the method of wrapping hair on the iron, and pressing hard to get those waves.

Although this method brings great results, hair experts warn against using it too much, as it requires pressing hard on the hair to get the waves, which damages the hair, identifying the owners of thin hair tufts, as well as when applying this trend, it is preferable to use hair products to protect against The heat of the blowdryer and the iron.

4. Hydrocolloid Dressings

Hydrocolloid Dressings - Beauty Trends TikTOK - FlixBash
Another strange trend adopted by TikTok girls is to adopt bandages or wound pads, specifically hydrocolloid bandages, which are known for their therapeutic benefits for skin wounds.

Which Latvians used to treat pimples and pimples, considering pimples also as wounds in the skin, as the bandage absorbs excess fluid with pimples and pimples, thus allowing the skin to heal.

TikTok videos show girls using bandages by placing them on their faces, leaving them overnight, removing them in the early morning and enjoying fresh skin, but dermatologists have made it clear that these bandages do not replace traditional acne treatments that contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. But it may be particularly useful for pimples, as it works to calm them by getting rid of the fluids in them.

However dermatologists advise that these pads should not be used indiscriminately, but should be applied to affected areas, which have cracks, not inflamed acne, and should not be applied to large areas of the face.

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